A Personal Ground Yoga & Massage Therapy

Come and experience a new approach to wellness.
Leave feeling  lighter, rejuvenated,  refreshed!

A Personal Ground is conveniently located above the local health food store, Herbally Yours.
Call Sheri McCabe to book an appointment: (905) 985-6352



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With over 22 years of experience I have explored and integrated a variety of yoga styles and movement therapies into my practice.

My intention is to deeply connect with my clients on their journey towards wellness. I have a passion for healing that provides lasting results and gives you the tools to incorporate this knowledge into your everyday life.  My enthusiasm for movement therapy is contagious and highly motivating.  Offering and sharing techniques that help to re-educate your body's innate alignment. Once you experience this new awareness, your body remembers and you take this information home with you to integrate into your daily life.

Allow me teach you the skill of listening to the innate intelligence of your mind and body. I will assist you in finding ease with movement and have created a space that encourages and fully supports relaxation.  

Quieting the mental chatter by focusing on sensation can allow us to feel and hear what our body has to say. Then with respect, we can respond with positivity. My intention is to share an experience that allows you to fully appreciate the natural mechanics of your body, providing judgement free understanding.

Each person's body holds tension for a variety of reasons. My approach in each treatment is to honour individual needs and connect with you in a way that allows you to leave feeling uplifted, refreshed and renewed. This relationship creates trust and allows people to feel safe and nurtured. Let me take care of you for a while and leave with the knowledge of how to be kinder to yourself. You’re worth it. 

Feel - Breathe - Be present